Ganster Karate is a Martial Arts School.  We practice the Karate Art of Isshin Jitsu which is a combination of both Isshin Ryu Karate and Aikijitsu karate techniques.

The strong devastating moves of Isshin Ryu Karate accompanied by the joint locking and throwing techniques of Aikijitsu make for a consistent and decisive method of keeping your attacker off balance and under control. The combination of these karate arts make for one powerful and complete system.

Isshin Jitsu Is The ” One Heart Art”

Isshin Jitsu Karate Class teaches a student kata’s or tournament competition forms based on both the traditional karate styles of Isshin Ryu and Okinawa Kenpo.


Ganster Karate offers classes and training in these areas:


Karate And Kickboxing Classes


Karate Self Defense Class

Teaches a student an abundance of strikes, blocks, leg sweeps, and controlled takedowns.

Police Defense Tactics Training

Certification upon completion.

Self Defense Seminars For Employees/ Staff

Provides life-saving tips on ways to avoid trouble.

Kick Box Training

This provides training and opportunities to compete in fully sanctioned Pennsylvania Commission Karate & Kick Boxing Fight Events.


Demonstrations For Schools And Groups